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I Am The Killer

and there's nothing you can do about it...

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if you are applying to this community you better not be wasting my fucking time. im looking for people who are all about the music not people who are trying to be fashioncore and pretend like they know what they are talking about. to me thats fucking BULLSHIT. i dont want druggies and alcoholics applying either, you will be automatically rejected. i dont have time for shit talkers so if you are applying to start shit with people you can go fuck yourself. anyone from anywhere can apply just as long as you are applying to post shows for people in your area, to get to know other people who like what you like and to just fuck around and talk about music. if you guys know about the rose city hardcore community then you will realize this community is a little bit the same as that one. i'm not ripping Will off i'm just trying to get more people to talk about the music. there will also be an application / survey and you can post pictures if you wish. every bit helps.

here's the application / survey:
1. what is your name, age and location:
2. top TEN favorite bands (no special order):
3. top THREE favorite movies:
4. explain your meaning of the word "hardcore":
5. what is your all time favorite thing to do:
6. what was the best show you have attended:
7. if you could hang out with ONE band who would it be:
8. list any/all of your special talents:
9. any body mods? (i.e. tats, piercings):

remember to post pictures of yourself, shows, show flyers, ANYTHING, if u feel like it.

after you are excepted, which practically everybody is, look at the application in the userinfo! just copy and paste that motherfucker, fill it out and post it!! sorry if i take a while getting back to you!!

after i say yes to you joining make sure you fill out the app / survey please!!! so people know what you like!! thank you!!

** remember, this is supposed to be a fun place. dont be a cock sucker. have a great day!