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my app. [Aug. 11th, 2004|03:28 am]


[How The Fuck Are You Feeling? |awake]
[What Do You Kill To? |dead to fall- there new song online]

here's the application / survey:
1. what is your name, age and location: Greg, 17, Missouri

2. Top TEN favorite bands (no special order): Remembering Never, Misery signals, Dead to fall,Bleeding through, Ion dissonance, The # 12 looks like you, Small town tragedy,
Blood has been shed, Norma Jean, Atreyu.

3. top THREE favorite movies: Slc Punk, The butterfly effect, Faces of death.

4. explain your meaning of the word "hardcore": I think that "hardcore" means music with a meaning. Not about money, its truly about music.

5. what is your all time favorite thing to do: Going to shows, which is almost all that i do.

6. what was the best show you have attended: Probally When i saw Remembering Never with Scars of Tomorrow, because there was only like 30 people there it was great. A close second would RN with Scarlet and Zao. And third would be whe i saw RN with Calico system(my good friends) cause it was the first time i saw RN. sorry i know you said the best show but every time i've seen RN its been the best show, there just so fucken brutal.

7. if you could hang out with ONE band who would it be: I'd like to sit down and talk with thelead singer of Remembering never because he has alot of good points he makes on there new cd. Some that i agree with and some i disagree so it would be fun to share point of veiws.

8. list any/all of your special talents: I sing(scream), if you wanna call that a talent.

9. any body mods? (i.e. tats, piercings):No

[User Picture]From: lipglosstragedy
2004-08-11 12:03 pm (UTC)

i would like to add.

I've noticed that you guys are sxe and i'd like to say that i'm not but i do respect u guys for being edge, Well i dont do any drugs but i do smoke and drink. But if i do get in this comm. i'd like you to know that i wont talk about it at all cause this is about hardcore and not my personal habbits.thank you
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