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  1. what is your name, age and location: keri. seventeen.… - I Am The Killer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 16th, 2004|06:59 pm]




1. what is your name, age and location: keri. seventeen. jersey.

2. top TEN favorite bands (no special order): fata, nora, atreyu, glassjaw, ptw, as i lay dying, killswitch engage, eighteen visions, shattered realm, terror.

3. top THREE favorite movies: animal house, tcm [original ], dumb adn dumber.

4. explain your meaning of the word "hardcore": hardcore....i don't think hardcore is how you dress, or  how many tattoos you have, or how bad you can kick the shit out of someone, or how sick you can get in a pit...because when it boils down..none of that shit matters. hardcore is a certain charecteristic that people have which brings them together. that's what hardcore is about, it's about sticking together, and helping each other out...it's not about how tough you are. it's about kids being there for kids when no one else is...

5. what is your all time favorite thing to do: find new bands, and listen to as much new music as possible. any suggestions leave a comment.

6. what was the best show you have attended: dec 12 2003 a7x and fata

7. if you could hang out with ONE band who would it be: probably fata.

8. list any/all of your special talents:....

9. any body mods? (i.e. tats, piercings): no.


[User Picture]From: xsuicidexkingx
2004-05-16 04:09 pm (UTC)
id die if i got to see A7x. ur bands all kick ass. ur definition is definatly a good one! the original TCM is greatness! dude u kick ass. i say yes, lets see whut everyone else says!!
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[User Picture]From: xaddix
2004-06-06 04:57 pm (UTC)
a7x and fata both fucking suck. You're not even a member of this community and you're posting other stuff?

This is late, but Hell No.
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