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[Jan. 2nd, 2005|05:03 am]
[How The Fuck Are You Feeling? |for box]
[What Do You Kill To? |Converge - My Greatest Devastator]


here's the application / survey:
1. what is your name, age and location: Wes Mckenen, 16, Smithsburg Maryland
2. top TEN favorite bands (no special order): Norma Jean / From A second story window / between the buried and me / the chariot / beloved / and we danced / it dies today / everytime i die / Pig Destroyer / Daughters
3. top THREE favorite movies: Clock Work Orange/Clerks/Jay And Silent Bob Strike back, anything Kevin Smith directs is awesome
4. explain your meaning of the word "hardcore": Hardcore can mean a number of things. To me its strictly about the music and what you get out of it. not about fashion or the clothes you wear thats why I can't stand the term "fashion core" because your appearence doesnt/shouldnt make you "hardcore"  
5. what is your all time favorite thing to do: I like to sleep, eat, shit, listen to music while doing so. going to and playing in local shows almost every weekend
6. what was the best show you have attended: I went to see the chariot in annapolis when they were on the solid state young bloods tour. it was fan-fucking-tastic. just watching these guys mutalate themselves on stage and love it as much as I love watching them do it is awesome.
7. if you could hang out with ONE band who would it be: between the buried and me, there musical geniousous.
8. list any/all of your special talents: eh I can't do anything special, I play bass, I can do this cool thing where I can put my hands behind my back and my shoulders out of joint and bring up over my head. I haven't showered in 3 days ...and no one has said a thing
9. any body mods? (i.e. tats, piercings): both of my ears are gauged to zero

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v602/AshenToAshes/WesScream_blkwht.jpg">